project consulting and planning > plan the work, work the plan | The most successful publishing projects and business and organization communication tools begin with creative strategic planning, just as a blueprint enables a masterful building. No one knows your business or project goals like you do. This is why the first thing we do is listen. The more we understand about your business, organization, or project, the more efficiently we will help you discover the best solutions.

There is no charge for our initial visit. Because mutual understanding is such an important component for your success, the investment of time up front is crucial. Once we agree on the direction to take, we will professionally create, produce, and deliver – with your understanding and approval every step of the way.

We assist in the planning and design of strategic marketing and public relations of new entities and re-energizing existing businesses and organizations.
The health of your business or project is important to ours.
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branding > get noticed, and be remembered | With literally decades of marketing experience in planning, budgeting, design, copywriting and production, RiverPlace can assist you in building the strength of your brand. We’ll help you get the most results for your investment, and help you track those results for future planning. But more than simply understanding your marketing directions, with our “business doctor” approach we can show you how to incorporate your marketing plan with your business plan to work together in building a stronger business.

After a no-obligation visit, we will present you with our determination of your business's needs and the most efficient solutions. If there is agreement that the “fit” is right, we’ll go to work diligently in giving your business the edge it needs and deserves in this difficult market. Throughout our relationship you will always know where every dollar is being invested, with no surprises along the way.
marketing tools > raise the bar for your competition | Brochures, posters, catalogs, presentation materials and newsletters (print, electronic, and video) - all are important ingredients in building your image. Give these sales tools the finesse and impact they deserve. Let RiverPlace help!
websites > uncomplicated solutions | It's all too clear how important this communication vehicle is to any organization or project. And more than anything else, it's the details within that count. From logical navigation to the visual feel of the site, each step must be carefully planned out, elegantly designed, and professionally constructed.

All of the sites we build for our clients are Content-Managed sites. This means that you have as much control as you desire in keeping your site fresh and up to date. Your administration of the site is as simple as a word-processing program. We build it in hopes that it's the last website you'll ever have to buy.

Just as important to many projects is the integration of Social Network solutions. We'll help you navigate this fascinating new medium of communication, too.
book publishing > an artful labor of love | This can be such a difficult channel to navigate. Decisions include knowing whom to trust with editing assistance, how many to print, how to get them sold. As you may have already determined, there are so many avenues to consider and decisions to make. We will help you examine the four primary routes to getting your book published and marketed. We will show you the best options to consider, and work diligently with you to maximize your energies in getting your book into the hands of your reader at the lowest cost to them, and the highest profits to you. Each book collaboration we do is custom designed to meet the desires of our clients. After a no-obligation visit, together we will determine the best route for your book.
product development > if you build it, they will come | When you've invented the greatest new mousetrap or electronic gizmo, it’s so necessary to present your product in the appropriate light - on the level of professionalism that sets you apart from your competition. We have helped countless clients achieve successful product launches over the years. Because we understand the importance of "chemistry", our first visit with you is at no cost or commitment. It's imperative that your business and RiverPlace are well matched, in values and in vision.

We will then develop a marketing plan that makes sense to all concerned, and provide a budget for all of our work. All of our services are “a la carte” in that we will assist with any or all of the pieces to your marketing puzzle that you are comfortable with. We understand the advertising and promotional needs of smaller businesses with smaller budgets, and have designed our own business to specifically serve this market. Helping to position your business for growth and stability is what we are all about. We do our homework and research your industry, your clients (and prospective clients), your competition, and then present a proposal of solutions to take your business to the next level. When your business wins, we all win.
packaging > dressing for success | The best and brightest of products don't have the important advantage in today's marketplace if the packaging does not indicate quality, attractiveness, relevance, and responsibility. Today’s buyers are adept at quickly determining the (perceived) value of the product by the packaging it’s displayed within.
advertising campaigns > delivering your message with consistency | The most successful publishing projects and business endeavors create their own personas by delivering the marketing messages with coherent and harmonious design and content. We’ll help you prioritize the steps necessary to give your project every advantage available, at the lowest cost possible.
custom publishing > brand building in its highest form | Whether you are developing a newsletter or full color magazine, there is no better way to present your business or project to your clientele (besides one-on-one). This is your opportunity to demonstrate your mission, core values, your method of operation – and package it all up in an enjoyable, easy to navigate, and memorable communication tool. In print, on the web, or mobile applications, this is an area where RiverPlace excels at delivering a high end product at affordable costs. This is where your customers come to enjoy learning about what you have to offer.

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